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Puerto Rico: June 2013 Weather


As we approach the end of June 2013 I can only say that I am very grateful for how forgiving June 2013 was in Puerto Rico, especially at the San Juan metropolitan area.

Normally the month of June is pretty miserable, full of Saharan Dust, very hot, and relatively dry in terms of rainfall. To give you an idea of how bad June can be, June 2012 observed daily maximum temperatures of 90 degrees or higher every single day, making the average daily maximum temperature at just over 92 degrees! Another thing was that it only rained 0.16 inches! That is a whopping 4.25 inches below normal! So, needless to say that there were several records broken, including the hottest and driest June on record, which is bad considering that June normally already is a relatively hot and dry month.

This year however has been really nice! It has been one of the rainiest Junes on record, having almost 11 inches of rain so far, and the average daily maximum temperature at just over 87 degrees, which is about a degree below normal!

There has been a few dusty days but not very many, and some days have been spectacular beach days!

I know that a lot of people want warmth and sunshine when they come to Puerto Rico, but I have been just really happy to see how pleasant this month has been so far. The bad thing is though that eventually all the rain will get old, and you will want to have nice sunny days. However I have to admit that I have enjoyed June 2013 very much and it was a pleasant surprise to be able to be in my house without having the A/C on full blast because it’s so hot.

If you would like more information about the climate in Puerto Rico, whether it is archived data or the most recent month, go to the climate section of the San Juan National Weather Service’s website at

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