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USPS in Puerto Rico

Just in case you wonder what type of mail service we have, USPS in Puerto Rico is the same United States Postal Service you know and love. The prices for delivery service are the same as if you were delivering to any US state. Whether it is priority mail, express mail or parcel post, the USPS in Puerto Rico works and looks like the USPS in the United States.

Click here to find a USPS office in Puerto Rico.

There are a few minor differences though, mainly in the address and in the actual delivery process. Let me explain.

The common US address format is the following:


Address Line 1

City, State, Zip Code

In Puerto Rico, the usual format is the following:


Address Line 1 (Used for Urbanization Name)

Address Line 2 (House number and street name)

City, State (PR), Zip Code (5-digit zip code is ok but 9 is better i.e. 00000-0000)

This format though can change in areas where there are no urbanizations, in which case the format would be:


Street Name, kilometer mark in that street. (i.e. Carretera 681 km 6.2)

Barrio or Sector (i.e. Sector Palomas)

City, State, Zip Code

Since Puerto Rico is so densely populated and so many things need to be shipped into and out of the island, mail time may take a day or two longer than what you are used to. This however is mostly for incoming packages.

During peak shipping times, expect the mail to slow down significantly. I have sent mail to Puerto Rico from the US during the Holidays, and express mail (which is normally overnight mail) took 3 full days. I still had to pay as if it were overnight since the priority mail service would have taken much longer.

Also,when I pay for the tracking service, I notice that more often than not, the package I mailed to Puerto Rico actually arrived in a timely manner, but once in Puerto Rico it took days to be delivered. There are a few factors that may be contributing to this delay, consider the following:

1. Simply the volume of packages to be delivered. Like I said, there are simply LOTS of things that have to be shipped in when you live in an island.

2. The mail delivery person has to go through the same street TWICE! You see, when I lived in the states, I saw that the neighborhoods had one side of the street with mailboxes and no mailboxes on the other side of the street, usually where cars parked so they would not disturb the delivery of mail. Well, that’s not the case in Puerto Rico. There are mailboxes in front of every house, which means that the mail delivery car has to drive on one side of the street and then down that same street to deliver the mail on the other side of the street, on top of that, there are cars parked on both sides of the street and often in front of the mailboxes, so the mail carrier has to stop, get out of the car, put the mail in the mailbox and then back into the car. This actually consumes a lot of time.

Having said this, I must admit that even though sometimes the mail is not received when hoped or expected,more often than not is actually delivered in a relatively timely manner, especially when you consider everything that they have to do to deliver your mail at the price that is done.

The USPS in Puerto Rico is actually very reliable and is by far the most affordable mail and box delivery service. It is also worth mentioning that just about every USPS office has bilingual staff, so you should be able to go and talk to anyone in the counter at the post office and speak in English.

So just to summarize, USPS in Puerto Rico works just like it does in the US., make sure you write the urbanization name when mailing something to Puerto Rico, and you should receive the mail with no problem.

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  1. Don’t blame Amazon or most of the other businesses. Blame UPS and FedEx, since their rates to PR, HI and AK are jacked up because it’s not connected to the lower 48. I use USPS whenever I can going to these locations, but even then the rates are still significantly more than staying in the lower 48. My business only charges the excess over the regular shipping rates without extra profit on my end.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Is anyone blaming any businesses for their rates? I know Costco charges a bit more for delivery to PR precisely charging only the price difference. Many places do that, it’s customary to do so. Most people prefer USPS for the cheaper rates.

  2. I know that the USPS is the same in PR as the mainland US- but this is what drives me nuts- I have a subscription to some trade magazines, and even though it is costing them the same- my ‘subscription’ rate has been jacked by about $35/year-same thing with shipping. I’ve encountered some places in the US that increase the shipping for a package by as much as an extra $35 per package.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Yes, I understand. To this day I am still confused as to why is it that they do that. There are several things that a few business people have explained to me.

      1) The company may consider Puerto Rico as “international” and they have a different price for international locations.

      2) If it is not readily available in PR it costs more, just because they can charge more for it.

      3) Everything in PR costs more and they have to remain “competitive”. You have no idea how many times I have seen the price of something go up just because the price of something else went up, even if it means no increase in their overhead, just simply more profit margin. Recently, the tax for gasoline went up roughly 16 cents per gallon (I know), since I actually get the gas from a location that does not pay tax I thought that my gasoline would be now seem even cheaper than everywhere else. I was very wrong, they hiked up the price anyway, still staying 2 or 3 cents below the local average but they increased their price about 15 cents per gallon, increasing their profit margin that much because they pay no taxes, so their gasoline did not get affected by the tax hike.

      So I understand, it drives me bonkers too, worst part is when you see that some things won’t even ship here for no good reason, sometimes you see something advertised as “free shipping” and when you are about to check out you see that to PR they charge shipping, and sometimes that shipping is pretty outrageous. Unfortunately that’s the way it is.

      A particular agency in the local government (DACO) which is there to protect the consumer, is or was in the process of filing a law suit against Amazon and other big companies for treating PR differently and charging more. Not sure how that’s going but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

      Thank You for your comments!

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