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Another parcel delivery service available in Puerto Rico is UPS. UPS in Puerto Rico works just like it does anywhere else, the difference is though, that even though Puerto Rico is not considered to be international by the U.S. Government and therefore domestic by USPS standards, UPS considers Puerto Rico to be international. This means that in order to ship to and from Puerto Rico using UPS, you have to fill out a separate sheet of paper describing the contents, place where it was manufactured, and estimated value. Interesting thing though, I went to a UPS store a few months ago and they told me that they had “Ground” shipping between Puerto Rico and the US. Imagine that.

Click here to find UPS locations in Puerto Rico

UPS in Puerto Rico delivers Monday through Friday from around 8 AM to 11 PM! (I know) One night, I was outside walking the dog when I see this UPS truck pull up by my house at almost 11 PM to deliver a box I was expecting. I was very surprised (and actually kind of scared) when I saw that and the delivery man told me that they deliver until 11 PM due to the amount of deliveries that they do in Puerto Rico.

Since UPS considers Puerto Rico to be international, if you wish to contact them regarding a parcel to or from Puerto Rico you need to call their international phone number which is 800-782-7892.

I personally try to avoid UPS in Puerto Rico (UPS in the US worked fine for me). I’ve had many problems when ordering online online, usually the shipping label has only one address line, and if you see in the USPS page, you’ll learn that in Puerto Rico we use 2 address lines. So what happens is that UPS then either has the Urbanization name but not the street and house number, or it does have the street and house number but not the urbanization name, which may not be  enough to deliver a parcel to the right location.

To add insult to injury, I called UPS one time to see why was the parcel not delivered since I was home all day, and that’s when they told me that the address was incomplete. But that’s not the bad part, you see, customer service told me that they could not keep the package at the sorting facility for me to pick up until they had unsuccessfully attempted 3 deliveries! Even if they had the incorrect address! So I hung up and called again, talked to someone else and told that person that I was not going to be home for the next few days and that I needed the parcel to be held at their sorting facility for me to pick up sometime during the day. That worked! =)

(Update, Dec. 8, 2012:  Just recently I ordered something online and the address line read “ST” that was it! No house number, no street name, NOTHING! Just “ST”!  The (not-so) funny thing was that they sent me a postcard to my address “ST” using USPS and I got it! I then had to go to the sorting facility where I saw several other people with similar problems. )

So just to summarize, UPS considers Puerto Rico an international destination but at the same time it offers ground service between Puerto Rico and the US. Be aware and make sure that the shipping labels include the 2 address lines plus the city, state (PR) and zip code. You may have to call UPS to verify that the shipping label printed correctly because I ALWAYS write it down correctly and most of the time UPS has it incorrect. They are well aware of this problem and SOMETIMES, if you put the phone number in there too, the driver or someone at the sorting facility will call you to correct the address.

Otherwise, UPS in Puerto Rico works like anywhere else, but in my opinion, their service is Puerto Rico is not as good as in the US, I personally prefer either USPS or FedEx, also remember that they may deliver your parcel late at night, as late as 11 PM.

Click here for information on USPS in Puerto Rico.

Click here for information on FedEx in Puerto Rico.

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  1. With the hurricane is puerto rico getting mail right now? Should I wait to send to this area?

  2. Well, I’ve been buying from amazon since 2014 and from amazon this year (i like more amazon btw) And I have never had a problem with them, in the contrary, the carrier calls me notifying where he is.

  3. I’ve never had a problem with them. Address reads in full and driver even calls my cell to advise he or she is downstairs since I live in an condominium.

  4. UPS service in Puerto Rico sucks and it seems to me that nobody cares about it. When the driver is new and doesn’t know the address, he simply send false messages to the office and skip the delivery. If you try to reach an area supervisor is totally impossible! I’m very dissapointed with their operations on the island and I will try to avoid their service as long as I can. NOT RECOMMENDED!

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Wow, sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience with them! I don’t particularly care for UPS myself because I guess I’m at the very end of their route so they deliver really late, sometimes after 8PM. I’ve had my share of bad experiences with the other carriers as well. I wouldn’t generalize their overall service because of what the delivery person has done to you though. Even though they deliver late in my case, they normally deliver either they day they said they would or earlier, so I can’t be too mad at them.

      Having said that, personally I’ve had my best luck with FedEx, but I rarely use them because they are incredibly expensive!

      USPS has worked well for me too and they are much cheaper.

  5. I ordered a package from E-bay, and they sent to Puerto Rico the item. But, they put a wrong address, USPS is supposed to deliver today, December 5, 2015, the package. I need it urgently.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Nilsa, I suggest you call USPS with the tracking info and everything and have them either hold the package or send it to the address you give them. However, it is likely that the only thing that would be able to do is hold the package.

      Good Luck!

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