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Gigabit Internet in Puerto Rico


If you were wondering if there is Gigabit Internet in Puerto Rico, well let me tell you that you are in luck! Although still available in a few areas and mostly in San Juan, A company called Critical Hub Networks introduced their Optico Fiber service in Puerto Rico and is now offering 1Gbps download AND upload speeds without cap in the San Juan area! Having gigabit internet in Puerto Rico to me was like some lala-land fantasy that I honestly can’t believe is turning into reality!

Click here for an updated map showing the areas where Gigabit internet is available.

If your area is not included yet, you may fill out a form with your address and any comments and they will look into it. This is their way to know who is most interested in the service.

They also offer unlimited calls to the USA and Puerto Rico if you chose to add their phone service.  However, there is no “Triple Play”. This company is only for internet and phone service, not Cable or Dish. So if you must have Cable or Dish you will have to have that with a separate company.

As of now their current prices are $70 per month for the unlimited Gigabit Internet only, or $90 for the internet and phone services.

I am not a spokesperson or anyone that represents this company so you can see more details on their website.

I am just super excited about gigabit internet in Puerto Rico! Can’t wait until it is available at my house!

Check them out and see if they are available at your location, if not let them know you would like them to expand to your location!


Author: Jay-Webmaster

Jay is an Atmospheric Physicist and Massage Therapist who was born and raised in Puerto Rico but went to college in the US before moving back to Puerto Rico. Creator of and the new forum


  1. I’ve had optico for 2 years and it is as advertised. Never any outages except for when a truck hit the optic cable on the street (they fixed it within 24 hours).

    I unfortunately moved one block away and they haven’t been able to figure out how to install it in my new place so I am stuck with Liberty again.

    There is also aeronet which provides gigabit but is not as cheap I think.

  2. I’m a Liberty customer and boy let me tell you…sometimes I would like to grab that modem and blow it up into outer space. I’m a pretty calm guy…I work as a Sys Admin for a local university and I know my way around technology. This was not the case when the company (Onelink) was not owned by Liberty. I haven’t tried Claro yet…I’m thinking about it…I live in a condo…so pretty much it’s either Claro or Liberty…

    That optico fiber thing though…I’ve asked in facebook for actual customers to review their service…It’s strange that at this time…no single post from a customer…only posts of drooling people asking for a miracle…a savior from their actual nightmare…someone to allow them to scape the clutches of Liberty or Claro…

    Anyway…I’m rambling…I’ve suffered like many others the way companies here charge us royalty rates for poor man’s broadband breadcrumbs…

    If you are interested…here is the gigabit island plan…

    There’s a bunch of tools and resources too in

    Before…I thought about leaving the country just for the sole purpose of having gigabit internet…or better…But with the whole state of the economy and all the things going on with the government…each passing day is filled with disappointment and hopelessness…I’m mixing topics…

    Anyway…great website…I really like the place and the design…

    Best wishes…

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Eduard:

      Well unfortunately the Gigabit internet is still in its infancy and it is currently limited to a very few places. They have to get a whole bunch of permits and check if the infrastructure would even allow for them to expand to certain places, which they should be able to but again, they need to get a lot of permits, which are a known hassle here in PR.

      As far as Claro vs. Liberty, it’s really which one would you be able to tolerate. As far as internet outage and changes in speed, I prefer Claro because in the years I’ve had them I have experienced very little trouble, however their customer service is terrible, so when something does go wrong and needs fixing you may have to wait a few days. Again, rarely happens, in fact I think the last time (and only time in my case) that an extended outage happened to me was in the summer of 2012, I was without internet for 5 days due to a major line being broken on a construction site or something like that. Claro has slower speeds for the price but it is consistent and outages are rare (in my case).

      Thank you for the link on the connectpr! I hadn’t seen it!

      Best of luck!

  3. Do you know of any commercial class internet service in the southeast? I live in Palmas Del Mar, and so far the internet here is slow and unreliable. I would be happy to pay for fiber to be run here for my business, but cannot make heads or tails of whether that can be done. There are at least a dozen other businesses who would share the cost.

    • Jay-Webmaster


      Well, there’s Aeronet. They have a plan for businesses that can go as fast as 1000 Mbps (or so they say), you can contact them at and inquire. However just yesterday, a friend of mine that has Aeronet told me that he has been without internet for over 24 hours, and he reported internet drop outs at least once a month. So that’s something you may want to talk to them about. I think they use either fiber optic or Microwave technology depending on the speed and location.

      There’s always Claro. They are not fast but in terms of reliability of internet service, they have been the company with the least amount of service interruptions that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is awful, but at least in my case, the internet itself has been very reliable.

      Cable internet is known for being the least reliable and the one with the most speed fluctuations, I personally would not deal with any cable company again.

      Hope this helps!

      P.S. Palmas del Mar is one of my favorite places in the island! I’m so jealous that you get to live there!!!! Someday when I win the lottery I’ll buy a house there! =)

  4. Thanks for such a great blog – such helpful information! I’m moving to Condado and wondering which internet service to choose. The building has Direct TV, and is getting Aeronet. I work from home, so I need good download speed. I’m not sure how to interpret the Direct TV statement that they provide 10GB of internet per month. They say they cut off your internet if it gets over that amount. Aeronet on the other hand is extremely expensive for decent download speed. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Breeda:

      Well I tell you what, the most RELIABLE internet I have had, has been through Claro. Now that’s not to be confused with good CUSTOMER service. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered ever! BUT I have rarely have had to deal with them because in about 4 years I have been their customer, the internet has gone down once, maybe twice. On top of that the speed, although not the fastest in the world, it is consistent, so you will not encounter significant slower speeds at any one time of the day.

      I cannot say the same for the cable company nor Aeronet. With the cable company I had to be calling them frequently because I lost the internet connection, the speeds were significantly slower (almost useless) during the late afternoon into the evening hours, and even though their customer service was good, quick, and effective, they never really solved the problem and I had to be constantly getting new routers or other service done so that the internet would work.

      Aeronet, is *OK*. It’s a bit pricey and unless things have changed recently, they send their internet signal wirelessly. According to one of my co-workers, the signal gets spotty, not sure if it’s because of the weather or what, but sometimes is slower than others. If your building is getting Aeronet, you have to check if you will be sharing the internet speeds with others or not. Sometimes they put one receiver in a building and then they share the speed. I would suggest you check every detail with Aeronet, I am not too familiar with them except for my co-worker who can’t wait for his 3 year contract to expire (yes 3 years!), and a restaurant that I used to go to who uses Aeronet but also has many problems with them.

      So I personally prefer Claro. They are a huge hassle to set up and their customer service is abysmal at best, but the actual internet service has proven to be much more reliable than any other service I have used here. So get the details on Aeronet, and Claro, compare both and see which one is best. Drop me a line either here or in my webmaster email with the details of both if you need help deciding.

      Take Care!

  5. Wow man!

    Thanks so much for your helpful answers!

    You know, you have the absolute best site — by far — of personal experience and recommendations from “boots on the ground” about being “new to PR” … have you considered putting out a guide like that? Simple ebook about moving to PR?

    We are flying into San Juan, going to spend the first afternoon/night there … and then start on the road trip!

    Can’t wait to see as much as possible.

    My DREAM place would be:

    – somewhat in the mountains, with some land (5 acres or more)
    – where we’d be high enough for some cool nights and some privacy and could have some animals like chickens, etc
    – but with an ocean view far off (I’ve seen a few of these homes on Zillow, I guess that’s the benefit of such a small island — can get an ocean view even in the mountains.)
    – but with good internet as that’s a must for my business and maybe 10 minutes to a “big enough” town to have most our needs met!

    I know that’s quite a list … So I guess I’ll just start somewhere. Hopefully we can rent for our first year and find some place perfect to buy later on …

    Thanks again!


    P.S. this view you described sounds gorgeous too!

    “Go south on highway 52 from San Juan to Ponce, you’ll see what I mean when you see the mountains to your right and the Caribbean Sea to your left. Simply beautiful.”

    Can’t wait! I plan to fly into SJ, and go north west towards rincon, etc on the top of the island, and continue down the west side south, and down past ponce on the perimeter so we’ll probably be on 52 like you said, just the Caribbean on our right and mountains on our left!

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Thank you for the comment! This page is a work in progress, we work full time so we work on this as much as we can with the limited time available, however we do it to help those who are moving here so they know what to expect!

      Going on a road trip? Expect pretty crazy drivers! LOL Also, most schools start late this week, so traffic may start to get heavy Thursday and Friday. Keep track of the latest weather forecasts, we have a tropical wave moving in tomorrow then “drier” on Thursday and then another tropical wave Friday into Saturday. I recommend visiting then click on forecast discussion so you get more detailed information on what’s behind the weather forecast.

      Let me know if you find the dream place! I can think of a few places, the town of Aguas Buenas comes to mind but there are other places.

      I hope you enjoy your time here! It’s a different place and not really recommended for uptight people, but I don’t think I’ll want to live anywhere else.

      Let me know if you have any more questions! Take Care!

  6. Hey!

    I saw the press release about gigabit coming to PR, here:

    That seems like a different project yes?

    Either way I’m excited about this because I plan to move to Puerto Rico in about a year to take advantage of the new business laws there (and I run multiple internet businesses)

    I’m actually visiting Puerto Rico for the first time tomorrow and staying until Sunday — me and my fiance are doing some “recon” driving around the island to try to figure out what part of the island we may want to call home …

    I bought a new sprint USB card for my laptop, so hopefully I can get 4g internet while I’m down there and can work …

    Where do you live now? Near San Juan?

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Caleb:

      I am not sure if that is the same project because the article is a bit ambiguous, however I think it is the same one because the areas that it is serving right now are exactly the same areas the article says it was supposed to serve. So although I’m not 100% sure, I think it is the same project.

      The Sprint card should work just fine, I wish I had one!

      As far as a place to live, it really depends on what you like, what you need, and what climate. There is a place for everyone here, you just have to find it! LOL

      We are located in the San Juan metro, which is the best and the worst place in the island. Lots going on but very crowded, once you get out of the metro is almost like being in a different place. Go south on highway 52 from San Juan to Ponce, you’ll see what I mean when you see the mountains to your right and the Caribbean Sea to your left. Simply beautiful.

      I’d love to help you in any way I can, stay in touch!

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