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Why I Renewed with Claro Internet


If you are considering internet service providers, you may be interested in reading why I renewed with Claro Internet and not switch over to Liberty Cablevision. Although there are good things and bad things from both companies, I chose Claro over Liberty for a few reasons and one key reason.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid by Claro AT ALL. I am merely stating the facts of my experience. I promise you that this is just my very own and personal experience.

So, Why did I renew with Claro Internet?

In a nutshell:

-Installation was already complete,  so no need for new installation.

-Internet speeds, although max speed is slower than Liberty’s, it is consistent, so you will get similar internet speeds regardless of the time of day. (This was a big one for me)

-Unlimited calls to the USA for just $5 more.

-Phone service not dependent on Internet.

-All it took was a call to customer service, they explained the details and once I accepted, within minutes (not even 5 minutes) I had the faster internet I had ordered. However the calls to the USA feature took 48 hours before it took effect, although strange, it truly wasn’t a big deal to me, so I used my cell those 2 days.

So those are the main reasons why I chose to renew with Claro Internet, there were no service interruptions, no change in phone number, and my internet went from 3 Mbps to 10 Mbps in a matter of minutes, and after cancelling Vonage, my Internet/Phone monthly cost did not change.

However, to be fair, if I had to set up a NEW service account with either company, meaning that I have no internet or home phone; I would have probably gone with Liberty. The reason is because Claro’s Achilles heel is its customer service, and in order to set up a new account you have to not only wait at least a week, which in my case was actually 3 MONTHS (not kidding, order placed Nov. 11 or so, got service January 13th)! But the whole process is just flat out dumb. In order to set up with Claro, you have to place the order with a sales representative, then wait until the “orders department” get the notice and assigns you an order number (which took 3 weeks in my case but they say it takes one), then wait until an installer contacts you to set up a date for installation, which could be days or even weeks ahead depending on your schedule! The funny thing is that they are not allowed to call any U.S. number so they couldn’t call my cell, I had to call customer service repeatedly in order to get things organized. However with Liberty, you just call, say you want service, they set you right up and with an installation date which could be as early as a day or two, also you’ll have better luck finding someone who speaks English when you call Liberty.

But, since I had already had Claro set up, and Liberty (Then OneLink) pissed me off so much that I almost reported them to DACO (think of it like the local government’s Better Business Bureau), I decided to renew with Claro Internet. It has been a week and this has been my experience so far:

Internet is as expected, little to no change in internet speed. I test the speed periodically and at different times of day to make sure that I am getting the speeds I should, and so far I have been. There is some “loss” of speed due to the distance from the main hub, but I’m paying for 10 Mbps and I’m getting 9 Mbps wising Wi-Fi, and about 9.5 Mbps when using a cable direct from the router, so I don’t think that’s bad. So my experience has been positive since I am getting what I’m paying for.

I decided NOT to get TV entertainment (Cable, Dish, etc.) because I rarely watch TV anyway, instead I sometimes watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, which thanks to the stable Internet speeds of DSL (Cable internet varies tremendously through the day) I can watch those things without trouble. When I had cable internet, the internet became useless in the evenings, so slow I couldn’t even check my email. I don’t have that problem anymore.

So, my honest recommendation is that if you do decide to go with Liberty for your internet, phone, and TV, and you CARE to have decent internet speeds at any time of day, get at least 20 Mbps, especially if you are an online gamer. But if you care to have a constant internet speed, then go with Claro Internet, but keep in mind, setup with Claro is a major pain.

Oh and one more thing. A friend of mine does have 40 Mbps with Liberty, BUT the Wi-Fi router he got can only go up to 10 Mbps, so if he wants to take advantage of the 40 Mbps speeds, he has to connect his computer with a cable to the router. So make sure you are given a Wi-Fi router capable of going over 10 Mbps.

Hope this helps!!!


Author: Jay-Webmaster

Jay is an Atmospheric Physicist and Massage Therapist who was born and raised in Puerto Rico but went to college in the US before moving back to Puerto Rico. Creator of and the new forum


  1. My Claro Internet Service Has Been Fluctuating Like Crazy For Months Now And The Funny Thing About That Is The Fact That And When I Called Claro Technical Support And Few Weeks Ago They Said It Was The Modem Twice And I Switched The Modem Twice And Then They Said It Was A Brand New Computer I Just Bought From Sam’s Club And I Returned That Brand New Computer And Got Another One And Again They Said It Was The Computer And So I Returned The Computer And Now I Just Use My Mobile Phone And Tablet But As I Think Back To Months Before This Fluctuating Internet Service From Claro I Distinctly Remember Getting Daily Calls From Claro Promotion Department About Getting Higher Internet Speeds And When I Refused They All Said The Same Thing We Can Only Guarantee A Stable Internet Speed To Those That Accept Our Offer For Higher Internet Service, And Thinking Back On That Isn’t That A Threat, Well Needless To Say Claro Has Kept That Promise And Has Been Fluctuating The Internet Like Crazy And Two Days Ago Claro Promotional Department Called And Asked If Wanted Higher Internet Speeds And Out Curiosity I Asked What Offer They Had But As It Turns Out We Are To Far For Higher Speeds, But Everybody In Puerto Rico Is Forced To Pay For Internet Service Which Is Half Of A Mega But Those Customers Don’t Benefit From That Becuse Most Of Those Don’t Get A Modem And The Ones That Do Find Half Of A Mega Useless (.50 MBPS) So Has That For A Review Of Claro Puerto Rico Inc And I Was Going To Get Liberty But After What I Read No Thank You So It CLARO ( CLEAR ) That Claro Sucks But Liberty Sucks More Wow That’s Just Great.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Sorry to hear that you are going through hard times with Claro. I did call them once and they did offer higher speeds but I declined the offer, however my internet continues to be stable.

      And yes, Claro sucks but Liberty sucks more, you have to make your choice based one which “suckiness” part you can live with more.

  2. Anyone knows about Liberty cable compatible modem list any info is appreciated

  3. Hi Jay, We are back and forth to PR. Living in Hatillo. Do any of the internet/cable companies offer vacation hold? My next visit will be for one month. Then back again in either Feb, or March. Then maybe not again until October.
    Don’t want to pay for when we aren’t there.
    I am familiar with DirectTV Pre Pago, but nothing like that for internet.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Oh I am so sorry, I personally am not aware that any company would do that :-\

      Here’s a list of all the internet service providers per municipality, search for Hatillo. Maybe you can check with each of those individual providers and see of anyone does that.

      I know that at least until a few months ago, Liberty Cable had a “no-contract” option, so maybe you could ask them first so that you don’t have to cancel and re-sign every time you are here.

      Let me know what you find! Good luck!

  4. What would you suggest for someone working at home in the san juan area? Speed and reliability are important and I believe it must be a business line.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Adam!

      Ok, unfortunately it feels like here you can have either one or the other but not both. At least that has been my personal experience! I will try to help you as best I can. Your decision should be based on your specific needs and priorities. Here are a few things to consider:


      -Liberty cable has decent customer service and normally is quick to install the service, plus they also have people who speak English.
      -Liberty cable has faster internet speeds than Claro DSL for the same price.
      -Liberty cable’s speeds tend to fluctuate depending on the time of the day and depending on “how down the line” you are. In my case, my internet became useless in the evening hours as the speeds were as slow as 100 Kbps!
      -If you have an issue with the cable internet they will replace your modem, that may or may not solve the problem but that’s as far as they will go. I had my router replaced 5 times, the problem was never solved but they didn’t do anything else about it.
      -You may find yourself resetting the router several times a week with Liberty cable as the internet tends to randomly drop out.
      -Expect to be without internet for a week or so (at least) if we are hit with a tropical cyclone.

      -Claro DSL has terrible customer service (and that’s a compliment), and good luck finding someone that speaks English. I mean they have some English speaking agents, but not too many.
      -It took me a MONTH to finally get my internet and phone hooked up with Claro, and if you don’t have a local phone number for them to contact you (as in a 787 area code number), they will not be able to contact you to coordinate anything. The initial setup was incredibly frustrating!
      -My internet with Claro is quite reliable and I rarely need to call their customer service. There is also very little if any speed fluctuations during the day, the speed during the evening hours is just as fast (relatively speaking) as any other time of the day.
      -My router has not needed replacement in all the years I’ve had Claro.
      -The prices are rather high for the speeds you get compared to cable.
      -If we are affected by a tropical cyclone, you will likely have internet service as soon as you get your electricity back. (That can’t be said for cable)

      So who would I go with?
      Well they both have a business side, but the service really is the same as the residential, the only real difference is the price and the speed and attention of the customer service.
      Liberty cable has some decent offers currently, having offers at good prices without a 2-year agreement! That however is only for residential accounts, business accounts do require a 2-year agreement. So if I were to set up a new account i would probably give Liberty a try, especially if I can go without a contract. In my current place of employment we have Liberty, and with the exception of having to reset the router pretty much daily, the internet speeds seem decent and they don’t fluctuate very much.

      I would go with Claro only if Liberty makes me sick. Claro’s speeds are not that good and their customer service is really that bad, thankfully I don’t have to deal with them very often at all.

      So again, I would give Liberty the benefit of the doubt, try and see if you can get a plan without a 2-year agreement to start that way you can easily switch to Claro if it gets to the point where anything else would be better than Liberty. That’s what I would do after taking everything into account, you just get a much better bang for your buck with Liberty, and if their service is reliable where you are in San Juan then all the better. I work in San Juan and it is reliable here (except for the router issue, which is easily solved after turning it off, waiting for a few seconds and turning it back on).

      Hope this helps!!!

  5. Hi, the problem with both of these companies are the infrastructure, the depend on physical infrastructure so you are on the mercy of their equipment, weather and believe it or not electricity, yes, because at least with cable broadband if you get a blackout you get no internet. As Jay stated in this article, maybe the internet speed from Claro is not the fastest per mb, or the cheapest, but at night you hardly lose any speed, making it a constant and reliable. When it comes to service, for real non of them are any good, calling customer service is really a pain with Claro, if you are out, they will visit you within 2 weeks, which by the way it doesn’t go with the FCC accordance. On the cable side, sometimes they do answer, sometimes their phone is out of order (you can check a video I made in YT calling them) and un till now they just prove me that their technical department really have no experience, they don’t even know what a return is when it comes to internet service. The internet cable speed is variable during the night, leaving you most of the time with just 1mbps download. Also, be careful with their download speed test, that is not the real speed you get, as of now, I’m paying for $20.00, using their server to test the download speed during the peak hours I get 16mbps straight from the modem, but the real speed is as I mentioned before, less than 1mbps download. There is a website that will show you the real download speed it is called testmy. So if I have to choose, yes, I’ll go with Claro also.

  6. I’m going to PR for 1 week and need to work. I use a predictive dialer which is internet based. Here in the US (Las Vegas) DSL does not work nearly as well as cable. I’m renting a house in the San Patricio area. Who has the best reliable cable service in this area? I need a plan with no contract and preferably, no installation fee. Thanks.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Jeff,

      That is a tough one. Internet for 1 week, no contract and no set up fees. I suppose you can check if the house you are renting has internet already hooked up. The cable company for that area is Liberty Cable. last I heard they did have non-contract options but you’d have to pay for the installation, that was a few years ago though, maybe it’s different now.

      Do you need it to be really quiet while you work? If I were you I’d go to the San Patricio mall and use the free Wi-Fi they have at the food court. I think other places like Burger King and other fast food restaurants in the San Patricio area or the Starbucks at the nearby sector of Garden Hills also offer free Wi-Fi.

      Otherwise, check with Liberty cable to see if they have non-contract options still available.

      Take Care!

  7. Is there any plan for Liberty that can get past 1mbps upload? :/ I’ve been trying to stream for 2 years with no success 🙁

    • Jay-Webmaster

      As far as I know, their plans that have 30Mbps or more for download has 2Mbps for upload. You might want to call them though, but I recall a friend of mine telling me he had 30 dowload/2 upload.

      Take Care

  8. I was comparing the internet speeds and prices in the USa and they are more efficent than Puerto Rico. Why? I don’t know, also the Upload speed is shi#$#$ but Claro is always with internet never had problem since I called like every week in one month, then day replaced the cables to my area and it fixed it since then.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Well, I am not entirely sure why we don’t have as fast of a speed than the US. Maybe it has to do with the submarine internet lines. I know that a few months ago new underground fiber optic cables were added and installed, it was pretty neat to see those cables going into the beach and under the ground. That was Claro adding cables which could boost speeds up to 100 Mbps. I’m not sure when that will be available for the public and for how much, but we will probably know soon.

      You can see the updated submarine line map here

  9. Thnaks for the review

    I am so frustrated right now with Liberty, I have had so many problems is unbelievable. The service just brakes every single day for me and I have been calling technical support for months to get it fixed but the guy just comes and changes the cable splitter and leaves only for an hour later the internet being just as broken. I have never had such a horrible experience with any service in my life. The biggest problem here in Puerto Rico is that there’s really no options for a good internet provider, its mind blowing that nobody really wants to capitalize on good overall service.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      That’s exactly how I felt when I had cable. To make matters worse, I told them that if they don’t fix it I would have to cancel because they are not providing the service I’m paying for! They said that I am free to cancel but I would have to pay $200 because I’m still under contract. So I waited until my contract was up, cancelled with them, they came and unplugged everything, and then on top of that they tried to charge me $25 out of nowhere and continued charging me as if I were still receiving their service! I am less than pleased with the cable company.

      There are some smaller companies like AeroNET, they are geared more towards businesses but I do know someone who has it in his house. They are quite expensive for what they offer though.

      But the truth is that they way I feel about Claro is that they suck at the beginning, set up is pretty stupid, but once it’s running, it’s actually not too bad. At least that has been MY experience.

  10. Thanks for the info. I’m trying to get internet & possibly cable for my vacation rental. I can’t seem to find an English version of Claro’s www but I don’t think they will have one. I will contact them tomorrow in hopes I can get someone who not only is knowledgable but also speak English. Or at least attempt to communicate…
    Thanks again!

    • Jay-Webmaster

      I don’t think Claro has an English page. However you can use the Google Chrome Internet browser and translate the page. It is not perfect but you will get the idea. As far as their customer service, all I can say is Good Luck! Even when I press the option of “English”, I get someone that knows no English and at times they’ve actually hung up on me.

      If you are going to get new service, I suggest you also look into the Cable company for your area and compare.

  11. Your review is very accurate, but unfortunately since I live in Vieques Claro does not care only if your a business, as with everything else we are put aside. So I got rid of them because I think I can live without internet instead of the frustration. I’m still looking for service but as you stated it’s terribly expensive. So if you come across some other option I would greatly appreciate an email. Thanks in advance!

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Well the only other company I’ve heard is reliable is Aeronet. They are a wireless internet company that mainly focuses on businesses but recently a friend of mine told me he got it for his house. I visited their website and they still say that are business oriented but you might want to give them a call and ask. Give them a call during the week and check.

      Other options are internet through your cell phone company, I believe they all have some sort of plan that you can use with a USB device on your computer, sometimes even a little hub in which you can connect up to 5 or so computers, maybe even tether your phone with one of their plans. I remember a few years back I had a plan in which I could tether my phone and connect up to 5 computers wirelessly. It worked like a charm when I was out for days in places without wi-fi (such as hotels that only had internet in common areas but not in the rooms).

      Good Luck!

  12. Nice overall review, right on target, liberty suffers from no internet service from time to time while claro is almost always available, that’s in the Caguas area, now the price package of liberty is more attractive, in the Internet/tv/phone combo, and doesn’t have the problem of Spanish only channels of claro. Service wise both are bad, as calls are outsourced to Dominican Republic, and from there ticket routing is a magical feat. Choice overall is bad, with nice pricing as they don’t provide what you pay for.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Thank you for your comment.

      That’s why I said that for a new contract, Liberty might be a better option. However, their cheapest “triple-play” plans are with Spanish channels only, or at least that’s what their sales rep told me (which would have been a big mistake). I asked, How about Animal Planet? Sales rep said that it was the Spanish version of Animal Planet (Animal Planet Latinoamérica), and that was the same story for every channel in that plan. So if I wanted the English channels included I had to go up to one of the “ultimate” plans.

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