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Puerto Rico Police

Puerto Rico police works mostly like they do in the US, there are a few differences in how they operate. But first, let me give you their contact information and a few resources. Read the Puerto Rico Police Practice section further down for some insight on how the local police works.

Dispatch Phone Number: 787-343-2020

The number above is their main number, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to call the police and is not an emergency, 787-343-2020 is the number to call.

Click here for an interactive map of the Police Stations across Puerto Rico.

Click here for the official Puerto Rico Police Website.

Got an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone? Download the free App created by BastaYaPR!

¬°Basta Ya! Puerto Rico (Enough! Puerto Rico) is an island-wide movement against violence and its mission is to prevent crime and increasing harmony. The people of BastaYaPR have created an application (called for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones in which you can report crime directly to the local police through the app. Crimes like assault, animal and child abuse, and even police corruption are a few of the things you can report. Oh, and you have the choice of remaining anonymous if you wish.

Click here to download the app for Android.

Click here to download the app for BlackBerry.

Click here to download the app for iPhone.

Puerto Rico Police Practice.

The main difference between the police in Puerto Rico is that the police here is somewhat more Pro-Active as opposed to Re-Active. This statement however should be taken as a grain of salt because I have personally seen many occasions where someone ran a red light or did some sort of obvious traffic violation with a police officer there and nothing gets done.

What I mean by Pro-Active is that it attempts to prevent crime locally as opposed to having to react to a crime committed. This is done by keeping the police lights on, especially at night.

The logic behind it is that if you see police lights somewhere while you are driving, you will be more likely to drive by the rules because you know there is a police officer nearby. Also, if you are out and about and you feel some sort of threat, the police lights gives you a place to run/walk towards where you can feel safer. Adding to that, let’s say you are about to get mugged and the perpetrator sees police lights then that person is less likely to commit the crime because he/she knows there is a police officer near.

According to my former criminal justice professor, this practice by the local police does work locally, which means that it doesn’t prevent crime everywhere, simply moves the crime in places where no police lights can be seen. So I tell you this so you are not surprised when you see police lights on, it may only mean that they are patrolling the area, not necessarily pulling you over or looking for someone.

Click here to learn how the Emergency Services in Puerto Rico (911) works.

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  1. Hi there. We moved to the island recently and have been reading your blog as a guide. It’s been greatly helpful so thanks for taking your time to share!

    We just experienced one of the worst situation and thought you may be able to provide some advice. We rented a mailbox at The Corner Office in Condado and the employee stole our package! I believe this was premeditated as we did not have a good feeling about him from the beginning due to several sour encounters.

    The first time we asked for assistance with the computer, he completely ignored us and disregarded our existence. When we proceeded to pay for a stamp, envelope and a fax he overcharged us $20. After we confronted him he just brushed it off as if nothing has happened and seem a bit irritated because he couldn’t get away with ripping us off. Mind you, he speaks perfect English so there isn’t a disconnect. We felt compelled to let the owner know what had happened only to be disappointed because the owner defended him (we believe they are related).

    Secondly, I went to pick up a package and he told me there isn’t a package for me. To my bewilderment , the tracking number showed that it has been delivered. So I called him the following day to confirm only to be scolded that I was irresponsible for leaving a package at their facility for too long and that he will charge me for storage fee. I was utterly frustrated and couldn’t believe he didn’t deliver me the package the other day yet claimed that it has been there all along and now wants to charge me a hefty fee?!

    Finally, we arrived at the office a few days later. He did not greet us but busy himself on the computer. We asked for our package and he handed it over with a smirk. I knew something wasn’t right. The box was torn and I questioned him. He said it was delivered that way. I took the box to my car and when I opened it, voila! It was empty! At this point I was boiling with anger, so I ran back to the office. He locked the doors and refused to let me back in! I could not believe someone will stoop so slow as to steal from their customer!

    At this point, I am beyond disappointed as I believe he is a misrepresention of PR. Many new comers will be left with a bad impression if they are lucky to encounter this cruel person. It is not about the money, but the feeling of offensiveness and injustice. I want to know how I can handle this situation in the best way so that others will not go through the same nightmare. Should I file a police report? If so, will they actually do something?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


    • Jay-Webmaster

      Oh I am so sorry to hear that! =(

      I’ve never heard of anything like that happening to anyone here! Did you contact the police!? I would! Go to the police and file a “Querella” (Police report), ask for investigation of the security footage.

      I think you can take them to court if the contents in the box were worth over $100.

      I have no words, I have never seen anyone behave that way here. I would go to the police if I were you!

  2. Hello, I’m a woman from Bulgaria. I had a contact with a man who pretend to be an American soldier in Nigeria on a mission. He use the name Brian Rodriguez but on his jacket is written Martinez. I have some of his pictures, on one of them he is in front of the logo Department justice a criminal, and policia de Puerto Rico. I would like to find that real Martinez and to tell him that his pictures are stolen from a Nigerian scamer. Please help me to find this man, I’ll send you the pictures if you tell me where to send.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Oh boy! Martinez is an incredibly common name here! It would be nearly impossible to find him like that. I would suggest Googling the picture itself, like google based on an image, maybe you’ll be able to find his Facebook profile or something.

      Click on the camera icon and upload the picture and search it.

      Good luck!

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