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Traffic violation penalties in Puerto Rico


Starting on July 1, 2017 there will be new traffic violation penalties in Puerto Rico. Basically the Department of Transportation (DOT or DTOP in Spanish) at least duplicated the cost of the penalties (tickets), some penalties are even more than twice the cost they were before. This is not the only increase the Department of Transportation notified, they will also increase the cost of renewing the driver’s license, “marbete”, and just about anything that had to do with transportation.

Here is a rough list of the traffic violation penalties in Puerto Rico as of July 1, 2017:

(This list is a guideline only and not official, it will be updated as new information becomes available)

– Handicapped Parking without permit $1,000

– Driving while still having a suspended or revoked license $300

– Do not give the right of way to emergency vehicles $100

– Excess Speed up to 99 MPH $ 100 + $ 10 per additional mile

– Excess Speed 100 miles or more $ 1,000

– Excess Speed in a School Zone $ 200 + $ 10 per additional mile

– Excess Speed in Construction Zone $ 150 + $ 10 per additional mile

– Slow Vehicle 20 MPH below the limit $100

– Slow Vehicle in 2 or more lanes $200

– Person inciting Clandestine Car Races $ 3,000

– Participating in Clandestine Races $5,000 + 6 months Susp.Lic. + Vehicle Confiscation

– Negligent Driving $ 500 to $ 1,000

– Driving on the shulder (6 pts) $ 500

– Parking on sidewalks or green areas $ 150

– Parking in loading/unloading Area $ 150

– Obstruct a handicap ramp $500

-Stopping traffic due to parking $ 100 (when you do not park in a parking spot and stay in the car while someone else goes out to buy something)

– Stoplight: Pass Red Light Without Stopping $500

– Stoplight: Pass Red Light, Stop and follow it $300

– Stoplight: Passing Yellow Light $300

– Tinted windows $100

– Passing a bus $300

– Motorcycle: Passenger under 12 years of age $100

– Motorcycle: Not wearing a DOT Helmet and/or Buckled $100

– Drive on the sidewalk $500

– Driving and using the mobile phone $100

– Not wearing seat belt $100 per person

– Child not in carseat $500

– Without firefighter’s certification (Car Seat) $100

– Passenger under 12 years of age seated in front seat $500

– Driving without a copy of the Vehicle’s License (registration) $100

– Non-redeable licence plates $100

– Overdue Tags (Marbete) $500

– License plate does not belong to vehicle $1,000

– Alter the license plate $100

– Not transfering the car ownership name after 30 days $200

– Not transfering the car ownership name after 10 days $100

– Driving a vehicle and not having a driver’s license or having a license other than the type of vehicle (the license category does not match the vehicle) $200

– Authorizing an unlicensed person to drive $200

– Backward Movement (in a highway or major road) $100

– Not giving a blind person identified by his staff or dog the right of way $200

– Not having enough distance between vehicles $100

– Staying stopped at an intersection (when you stay in the middle of the traffic light) $100

– Keep car parked on side of road (even residential) with overdue tags (Marbete) $150

– Not reducing the intensity of the lights (“Brights”) when you get close to a vehicle $50

– Have a light out (headlight, tail light, etc.) $50

– Not moving over when a police officer or other vehicle is on side of the road $150


Yikes! Better follow the traffic laws! I will post the other DOT costs as I receive the correct figures.


Author: Jay-Webmaster

Jay is an Atmospheric Physicist and Massage Therapist who was born and raised in Puerto Rico but went to college in the US before moving back to Puerto Rico. Creator of and the new forum


  1. the bad thing about this is that the police is afraid of enforcing the law…they pick and choose who to stop and give tickets to…is not going to work…people wont pay and they still driving…

    • Jay-Webmaster

      You’d be surprised how much they are enforcing the law. Just 3 days ago I saw on the news that already so far this year the local police has issued more tickets than the entire last year.

  2. many of these are onerous charges. interestingly, in my city in western new york the mayor just had the red light cameras (do you have these in puerto rico?) removed b/c many residents could not afford to pay the fees and were being charged penalty upon late charges.

    not that puerto rican politicians, who inflicted the highest sales tax in the united states, care… but challz keep re-electing them, so it must be okay.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      We used to have those cameras but they got removed after the thousands and thousands of complaints. Here in PR you cannot renew your “marbete” if you have any outstanding fees or penalties, so if you don’t want yet another penalty you better pay the penalties you got during the year.

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