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Power and Water Out in Puerto Rico



Power and Water out in Puerto Rico!

(Okay, some areas still have water.)

For anyone already living in Puerto Rico as of yesterday September 21, 2016, you may have noticed that the island of Puerto Rico lost power at about 2:30 pm.  The reason being that the AEE Power Plant in Salinas, PR caught fire. Then, because some of the water treatment facilities are run by electricity, some of them needed to be shut down as well.

Here is a rough translation (thanks google translate!) from the AEE website regarding the issue:


 The Electric Power Authority today confirmed a fire in the yard of switches Central Aguirre, Salinas that affected more than 1,475 million customers of the public corporation.   At the time, the fire was controlled and no injuries were reported because of it.   “We are working hard to achieve recovery system and restore service to our customers. We ask the public to remain calm in this situation and our coworkers remind you that the most important thing is the safety of everyone, “said Javier Quintana A. Mendez.   The official explained that at this time ships are inspecting the lines and activated a plan to restore service to customers. It consists of energizing units sequentially for power generation available and begin to restore service, setting as a priority the critical loads such as airports, hospitals, police stations, Plants Authority of Aqueducts and Sewers, between others.””

So yeah, not the best translation but you get the idea; Island wide blackout, trying to get it back on, don’t know when that will be, stay calm and safe Puerto Rico!  lol!

And here is what the AAA had to say about it:

“Wednesday, September 21, 2016 – 3:52 PM AAA systems affected by lack of energy September 21, 2016-San Juan The Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (AAA) reports that due to power failure affecting peoples and industries in various parts of the island, some distribution systems are out of service, so that customers will experience low pressure or interruptions in water supply. Vice President of Operations, Francisco Martinez Castello said sewage plants have generators so they operate normally. However, several plants and pump stations that do not have potable water generators are out of service until the electrical system is restored. “If the electrical service was affected in your community, it is likely that water service is affected or at least low pressures are experienced. However, some systems have storage tanks that will be supplying by gravity to the sectors that do not require pumping. We hope to get more information from the Electric Power Authority for mitigation actions which take place later, “said Martinez Castello Engineer. Of interrupted water service, AAA recommends boiling water for a period of five minutes if the same will be used for drinking or washing food.”

SO yeah, that’s probably an even worse translation (… thanks google translate…) but you get the gist; No electricity, no water!  If you have low water, boil it because it’s probably not super clean! lol!  Sorry, I can’t help but laugh when things like this happen.  It’s Puerto Rico, you have to pay for all that sand, sun, and gorgeous weather somehow, am I right?!  LOL!  My advice: get some bottled water. I know, I hate using all the plastics too but I’d rather not risk the health of my family trying to ingest iffy water from the tap.  😉

So in the meantime, what do you do when the power and water is out in Puerto Rico?  Here are a few tips to help get you through!

Tips For Living Without Power and Water for a Few Days:

  • Buy a camp shower
  • Keep lanterns and extra batteries on hand at all times
  • Own a camp stove or grill
  • Fill bathtubs and other buckets with water before water service is cut
  • Make sure to stock up on disposable plates, cups, utensils and wet wipes
  • Get a camping coffee maker to use on your camp stove
  • Get a really big cooler
  • Stock up on bottled drinking water
  • Collect your own rain water to use for flushing toilets if it rains
  • Consider having a cistern installed on your home
  • Consider buying a generator or equipping your home with solar panels
  • Relax and enjoy proving to yourself that you can handle roughing it! ¡Así es la vida!  😉


  1. Good morning, My name is Maritza Vega, I live in Chicago and I am trying to get information on my families well being. I’m aware of the power outage throughout the Island, but is there a central phone number that I can add my families information and someone can report to me on their well being? If you have any information please share with me. I have Family in Utuado ( La Lomita de Velen) David y Alba Medina, Yamil Murrieta, Dalia Ramos, and in Bayamon ( Lomas Verde) Juan A. Ramos (Tony) Evelyn Ramos (Coca), Evy Ramos y Yolanda Molina. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Unfortunately there is no reliable service like that. There are some services but most of them are based on electronic registration. I would call OMME (Emergency Managers) in Utuado and check with them if there is anything reported. However, just so you know, the most likely scenario is that they are ok, we have a lot of people that are not able to call or send messages but it is highly likely that they are doing ok.

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