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Casellas case brings hope to citizens of Puerto Rico


In the wake of one of most famous murder cases in the recent history of Puerto Rico, the Pablo Casellas case brings hope to the citizens of Puerto Rico.

I must admit that I was not following the case very closely, I don’t have cable, and as a full time employee with young kids, I really don’t have a lot of time to be watching TV, I’d rather spend time with my wife and kids.

So anyway, back to the Casellas case.

Pablo Casellas is a man who was accused and recently convicted of first degree murder for allegedly killing his wife with a gunshot to the head. It was a very big case as this man, Pablo Casellas, is the son of a U.S. district (and millionaire) judge. This case was investigated thoroughly and lots of people thought that when his father (the judge) paid the 4 million dollar bail set for Pablo Casellas after his arrest, money would rule once again.

To the surprise of many, and a sigh of relief to the family of the woman who was murdered, Pablo Casellas was convicted of first degree murder, and that sent shock waves through the island of Puerto Rico. I’m talking that the #CasoCasellas made the number 1 spot in the twitter worldwide trending rankings yesterday! #AnaCacho was in the number 3 spot, more on that later.

But why? Why are people so happy that someone got convicted of murder? What about the couple’s children? Anybody thought of them? They lost their mother to murder and now their father to prison! Meanwhile everybody in the island is talking and showing memes of their father all over the internet.

I’ll tell you one reason why.

Because the people of Puerto Rico feel that justice prevailed. You see, when you live in Puerto Rico, you see murder cases in the news every single day, you see sometimes people get away with crimes that they appear to have committed. The people of Puerto Rico simply LOVE their little island, this is a very proud nation, and recently they are feeling that the quality of life is decreasing to new lows, that they have to live in fear, that there are so many violent crimes to which no one appears to be convicted of. Of course, when you see in the news the really high profile cases, like this one of Pablo Casellas and another one still pending after the death of then 8-year old boy Lorenzo (reason for the #AnaCacho being third in twitter yesterday), there seems to be a lot of money involved, and people get scared.

Scared that if the high profile cases you see in the news every day for months or years have a “not-guilty” verdict, then others are going to replicate and commit even more crimes since hey, that person was not guilty, maybe I can get away with it! So people are scared, and rightfully so, it just seems like all these people who get away with it, have a lot of money, and they pay someone.

So the guilty verdict showed the people of Puerto Rico that there is still justice in this island, that money does not control everything, that you just can’t get away with something like that in this island.

And the people needed that.

The people feel that they have had it! They need their nation back. They need to live in the paradise that is Puerto Rico, where kids used to play outside in the wonderful weather we have. That people can drive to and from work without having to worry if there will be a car to car shooting. The people of Puerto Rico need to feel that if you commit a crime, you will be convicted, regardless of who you are and regardless of who your daddy is or the amount of money you have. So you better not!

This is a beautiful island, full of beautiful people with a wonderful heart. People that have been sad lately with all the violent crimes that are going on. Because of the Pablo Casellas conviction, there’s the feeling of a small victory, a step in the right direction. Now, people are asking in even louder tone, for the conviction of Ana Cacho, the mother of 8-year old Lorenzo who died at his house one night after being mortally wounded to his head, apparently stabbed. No one was present except the mother and his 2 sisters, ages 5 and 13. ┬áThis was back in March of 2010, today, almost 4 years later, there has not even been an arrest related to this crime. People want someone to be held responsible, now.

Even though cases like these happen all the time in all parts of the world, there are a select few cases that shape the way people see things and guide their focus either towards optimism or pessimism. The Pablo Casellas case is one of those. Whether you agree with the conviction or not, whether you agree or not that people should be celebrating the fact that someone is going to prison for many years is not the point. The point is that when the people of a nation feel that the authorities that are there to protect them and to maintain order actually follow through, that they can and will prosecute people who commit these terrible crimes, then the people feel like they are in a good and safe place. That their paradise is not all lost, and maybe just maybe, there is light at the end of the tunnel, things may get better, slowly but surely to a day in which we will feel that our children or even our grandchildren will grow up in a place where they can be happy, safe, free, and proud to call HOME.

And that my friend, is reason to celebrate.



Author: Jay-Webmaster

Jay is an Atmospheric Physicist and Massage Therapist who was born and raised in Puerto Rico but went to college in the US before moving back to Puerto Rico. Creator of and the new forum


  1. I’m going to sound in because while the whole thing was going on last summer many of my local friends kept saying John…watch…he will walk because of who his family is. Then as you remember the Department of Justice came in and took over the Puerto Rican Police Department over corruption and human rights violations. Boricuas are proud people and are tired of the corruption or if you are from the right family you can literally get away with murder! More people in Puerto Rico vote in elections compared to any one of the 50 states! I’m glad that this case gave hope back to the people of the island and the residents of this island should be proud they live in Puerto Rico and it is past time that we make this island a safe place for our children and all of us work together to rebuild the economy. Puerto Rico is losing its best and brightest to places like Orlando and other locales in the states. The jobs are not here and if you can make 150,000 in Florida and are only offered 35,000 here I understand why you would leave. But there is one trait in island born Puerto Ricans. They may leave to make a decent living for their families but they carry the smells, sounds of Puerto Rico with them wherever they go and it is always their intent to return to the enchanted isle…..I’ll jump off my soapbox now……I love Puerto Rico and it is my home. Once Puerto Rico gets into your blood you can not get it out! Thanks for taking the time to put up this blog/website. Even after living here for over a year it has taught me things, given me laughs and its a great guide for anyone thinking about moving to Borinquen

  2. 100% right. Keep the googd work!

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