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OneLink Internet Review

The OneLink Internet review I’m about to share with you is based on my experience with them over the course of three years (2008-2011). I will also try to add a few things I have heard from other people who use their service so that you also learn what other people say and why.

Keep in mind that what I wrote below was based on the fact that I canceled with OneLink back in 2012. So certain things such as internet speed and data cap are no longer an issue for current Liberty Cablevision customers, but they were an issue for me when it was OneLink. However, it seems as though the only things that have improved since switching to Liberty are the internet speed increase and the unlimited data download. Just about everything else seem to be an issue to friends of mine who do have Liberty Cablevision in the San Juan area.

OneLink Review:

OneLink Communications (now Liberty Cablevision) is the main cable company in the San Juan Metropolitan area, as of now their fastest Internet speed is 6 Mbps and they have a data download limit of 40 GB, of course you can go over the 40 GB, but they will charge you for it and it’s not cheap. Some people say they are the best company in Puerto Rico has when it comes to customer service. My experience was actually very good for the first two years and then not so good on the third year. That third year was so bad that I couldn’t wait for my contract to be up so I could finally cancel with OneLink I just want to reiterate though that this was my experience and my experience only, so I am not saying that you will go through everything that I did but I cannot tell you that you will not either, because it is definitely possible that you go through a similar experience, and friends of mine have had similar experiences. There are a lot of people, both former and current customers that can’t wait until Liberty Cablevision takes over, hoping that the Internet will get significantly faster, the data download limit is gone, and ESPN 3 becomes available.

I became a customer of OneLink back in November 2008, they had one of these amazing deals in which you combine cable, Internet, and phone for a ridiculously low price, so I went for it. However, it had a one-year contract and if you did not cancel within 30 days after your contract is up, the contract will be renewed for one more year at regular price, of course they did not tell me that when I was signing up for the service. Anyway, so I signed up and within a few days I had the service up and running, everything seemed to be going well except for a few minor things that I did not like such as were the router was placed in the fact that they showed up at the wrong time. Once set up, I couldn’t wait to start using the Internet after weeks of not having any since I had just moved here. I immediately noticed this the difference, I was used to 12 Mbps and I had to go down at that time to a maximum of 4 Mbps, nevertheless I felt that at least I still had enough speed to browse the Internet and watch the occasional YouTube video.

Like I said, the first 2 years were not too bad and the price was really hard to beat so I stayed with OneLink without thinking twice. However at the beginning of 2011 I started having problems with the Internet and the phone service which was of course through the Internet. The problem was that randomly the Internet kept dropping off for no reason for minutes at a time, then I would get the service again and in a few minutes it dropped again. I called customer service several times and they told me that everything was working fine I kept insisting that it was not working fine and that something needed to be done. The only suggestion they had was to give them a call while the problem was happening, the bad thing was that my phone was dependent on the Internet and my cell phone at that time had absolutely no signal inside the house. So one day that the Internet was working I told them that they need to send a technician to my house.After a one-week wait a technician came to my house and told me that everything looked fine, he then decided that it must be the router so he replaced it, but the problem persisted. I kept calling and calling they kept running tests and promising to call me back with the results. They never called me back and when I called them they said that the tests were not on record, so they either didn’t run the tests or they forgot to log the tests and the results.

However, they were ok with bringing more technicians and checking out what the problem was. In total, I got five new routers and nothing changed the fact that my Internet was dropping. So I called one day and asked them to cancel my account because they were not giving me the service that I was paying for, this was six months after the problem started mind you, but they told me that if I wanted to cancel I had to pay a penalty. It didn’t matter what I said, it didn’t matter that they were not providing good service, I still had to keep paying and if I wanted to cancel, I had to pay the cancellation fee.

Shortly after that, tropical storm Irene affected Puerto Rico, leaving us without power for three days and without cable and Internet for two weeks. Although I was very annoyed that we didn’t have power or Internet I was at least happy to think that I wouldn’t have to pay for the service until it was restored, but I was wrong, again. I did save on electricity since obviously nothing was on, but OneLink would not reimburse the two weeks I was without service. Naturally one would think, well it’s not their fault that a tropical storm came, but at the same time, they were not working any faster or during the weekends to restore service, and it is not my fault that they are not prepared for tropical storms or hurricanes, we are in a tropical island, we do have tropical storms and hurricanes, it is nothing new.

My friends that had DSL at that time, got their Internet immediately after power came back since somehow the phone lines did not get affected. Adding insult to injury, while all of this was happening, from Monday through Friday between the hours of 4 PM and midnight, the speed got REALLY SLOW! I’m talking that I was supposed to have 4 Mbps which I rarely got, but during those times I was lucky to get 200 Kbps! I’m not exaggerating one bit! It also didn’t matter how often I called and asked for an explanation or anything, simply put, in times of heavy usage by many people, your Internet will get slow, in my case, unacceptably slow.

So come November 2011, finally it was time to cancel my service! Guess what, you can’t do it over the phone! You have to physically go to the central offices and cancel your service there! So how it works is that you go and get a number, there are clerks in the front there but you won’t be talking to any of those, they will call you to the back, literally. You will go in through a secure door, walk through the call center and sit down face to face with a representative in the back of the call center. I explained everything that had happened, even the no-refund after the tropical storm. I kept myself calm and collected, I just explained the details and that’s it. Well, all he did was listen, tell me how much was due and then send me on my way, he never tried to keep me with them, he never apologized, or even try to defend his company. So I just got my receipt and left, which is actually kind of nice for a change, usually someone tries to keep you in the company and you have to give them 1000 reasons why you want to leave before you can cancel, I guess he knew that he didn’t have a chance at keeping me as a customer and just let me go.

HOWEVER, to this day I keep getting bills from OneLink! Believe it or not,it has been over six months since I canceled, I have called them numerous times regarding the bills, their collection department keeps calling me and I keep telling them that I canceled. So they came with a brilliant idea, they would take my phone number off their records so they couldn’t call me, but I still get the e-mails then I still call them to tell them that I am getting bills via e-mail. Last time I checked it was over $700 that I owed! So I called them once again, and told them that I have a large bill to be paid but that I had canceled months ago, they told me not to worry it will not go on my credit history and that I can’t just ignore those bills. Once again, it didn’t matter what I did what I told them, they were simply not going to correct it.

So if you are considering OneLink’s Internet, remember that they have relatively slow speeds that get slower during peak usage times, 40Gb data download limit, and no access to ESPN3. However, they are quick to install, and in most cases (except for that third year I was a customer) the problems get resolved in a timely manner if not immediately over the phone. The good news is though that Liberty Cablevision is expected to buy OneLink very soon. Liberty has a better reputation, faster internet speeds, unlimited data downloads, and access to ESPN3. But, having said all this, many of my friends that have OneLink, have nothing but good things to say about the company, especially those that don’t speak Spanish. That’s because they do have English-speaking sales and customer service representatives.

You can access their website at

I hope you found the OneLink Internet review helpful. Le me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Thank you for your detailed review of your experience as a customer with OneLink
    Do you have an idea when Liberty will take over?
    I have Direct TV and want to switch to another provider
    Thank you in advance for your time

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