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Claro Internet Review

This Claro Internet review I am about to share with you is based on my experience and the love/hate relationship I’ve had with them. Since I live in the San Juan Metropolitan area, there are two main Internet service providers, one being Claro and the other one being Liberty Cablevision.

Let me give you a brief overview first, then you can continue reading below if you wish to know more details.

Claro offers unlimited downloads with Internet up to 50 Mbps speed depending on the area you live. There are available plans that require no contract or long-term commitment with them and at least when I got the service, the installation was free. Since it is DSL, the actual Internet speed is pretty consistent regardless of the time of day, which to me is actually a very good thing. They also have access to ESPN3 which I like a lot. However, their customer service is about as bad as you can get, and that too is consistent.

Click here to read why I renewed my contract with Claro Internet.

Continue reading below if you wish to know my experience with Claro.

I decided to go with Claro because the Internet downloads are limited and they claim that the Internet speeds were consistent, not only that, they also claimed that it didn’t matter where I live I could get up to 5 Mbps Internet speed. All that sounded much better than what I had with OneLink at the time, so I decided to go with them. This is what happened.

I went to the Claro store at the mall to sign up for their offer of a basic telephone package and 5 Mbps Internet. That was on the first week of November 2011.

The following week I called to see when was it that they were going to set up my Internet service, after many minutes of jumping through their automated service I finally got to talk to someone and that person told me that they have not yet received my service installation request, the person also said that it normally takes around two weeks for them to receive that request. I was already starting to get mad as I had already canceled my Internet with OneLink, so I call the following week and they said that they have the request now and that they are going to install the service on December 3, which is a Saturday, and I was really starting to get frustrated.

Come December 3 and a man comes in and asks me where is it that I have my regular phone line, I told the man that I did not have a regular land-line but that there was a particular place I wanted the Internet installed, he goes on to say that he would like to install it in an outlet that already has service so that he doesn’t have to put in a new line. Fortunately, the place that I wanted the Internet to be set up had a working outlet. So he does a few things with the phone line, goes to his truck gets the wireless router that it is still in a box and hands it to me and wishes me a good day. I was a bit confused because I thought he was going to set this up, so I asked him if he was done, he said he was and that I had to install the router, so I did, and then quickly realized that the Internet was not working, so I called tech support.

After talking to tech support for about a half-hour I was told that another technician had to fix the problem personally because there must be a problem with the actual line, so I set up an appointment for December 9. So on December 9 nobody showed up, so I called again and they told me that they did not have anything in their system regarding a trouble ticket and that I had to file a new one, needless to say that I was beyond frustrated at this point.

A week later a man came but I wasn’t home so he left and if it weren’t for my neighbor I would have not known, later I found out that they can’t call my cell phone because I have a US area code even though I was told previously that they could call me on my cell phone if they needed to, after all, I don’t have any phone service since I am trying to get it installed!

So a few weeks went by, technicians came and tried to fix the problem and then they would leave because it was either lunch hour or their shift was done so they would leave and come back a few days later without announcing. All this time I kept telling them that this is an old house and it probably has old lines but they kept ignoring my claim,  hen finally on January 13 someone came in ready to replace the line, and after about a half-hour I finally had Internet. However, I noticed something weird, my Internet  speed was no more than 1 Mbps and I was paying for 5 Mbps, so I call once again and I am told that I live too far from the hub which is about a quarter of a mile away and  that I would get no more than 3 Mbps! I was not very happy with that since I was promised that I could get 5 Mbps, but by then I was just happy to have some Internet that was unlimited and that I could watch ESPN3 and Netflix, as well as do my online work from home!

Ever since then, it has been pretty good but best of all it has been consistent, which means that I get about 2.5 Mbps to 2.8 Mbps regardless of the time of day.

For some reason, there was one month that I got charged a mysterious extra $10,something about an extra line, so I called and asked and they could not tell me why I was being charged, they simply did not know, so they removed the charge and that was the end of it, until July 28, 2012.

The 2012 London Olympics are about to start, I don’t have cable so I was planning on doing most of my Olympics watching online. So on the morning of July 28, 2012 I woke up early to start watching online, but there’s no Internet!

I called tech support (with my cell phone) and they told me that I am simply not receiving any signal and that’s why I don’t have either Internet or phone service and that a technician will have to come and fix the problem. I was already very upset since I was looking forward to watching the Olympics that day until they told me the earliest date available to fix the problem. You see, July 28 was a Saturday and the technicians don’t work on the weekends and they are also very busy so they told me that they will come and fix it on August 10!!!! Which meant that I was going to be without Internet for at least two weeks and I was going to miss the Olympics as well as not be able to work on this website. Today is July 31, 2012 and I am writing this in my word processor because I cannot do it online since I have no Internet service at the moment.

Any other person would cancel the service and go with the competing Internet service provider, but what’s the other option, OneLink? You read my review and experience with OneLink you will see that we are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Internet service.

* UPDATE: Since whatever affected me that took the Internet away on July 28 affected other houses, Claro acted a little faster and I got the Internet back on the night of August 1, so that was actually a very nice surprise, but I guess it takes several houses having the same problem for them to act quicker, that’s if you think five days is quick.

I hope this Claro Internet review was useful to you, let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding Claro Internet.

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  1. I visited Puerto Rico this month (November 2016) on a quest to find a place to live in the northwest area. The associated free state is beautiful and the local people I met were all genuine, kindhearted and generous with their time in trying to help me start a life there.

    However, I work and study online full time so reliable internet is critical to my livelihood. Sadly, after desperately searching in Isabela, Aguadilla and other areas for over one week, I was forced to concede defeat and return to the mainland.

    I still have hope to go back, find reliable internet and make it work, any suggestions??


    • Jay-Webmaster

      I’m confused. How did you not find internet? You can easily get internet with Choice Cable in that part of the island, Claro is much slower to get set up but it is another option.

      • Thanks for the reply Jay,

        To clarify, I found several places to live that offered a shared wi-fi signal with the rent payment (the provider was Liberty), However, when I tested the connection, it was unreliable at certain times of day and night and often too slow to support my online job and study.

        Regarding Claro, I couldn’t risk an uncertain installation date since I only had one week to find a place before work and school started again.

        So basically, I’m skeptical that Liberty will provide a consistent and reliable signal and I’m concerned by other comments about service response times with Claro if I lose internet connection.


  2. Hello! Do you know how to select claro as a cable provider for ESPN3? I only see Liberty cable as provider.

  3. Jay, does AT&T not offer internet service on the island?

  4. We are and have been having huge problems with Claro…..we signed up for Dish but somehow Claro/Dish are the same. But, Claro will tell us its a Dish problem, after many calls to Dish they tell us its Claro. On our most recent bill from Claro, which I just about fainted from. I called Claro to ask why, lol, I was being over charged. We personally went into Claro in Caguas, again we were told it wasn’t them but Dish. God help me now, I told them we were told by Dish we owed nothing and in fact had no account with them that it was Claro….we don’t have a land line and they just don’t understand that I guess. OK, we made our payment at Claro via their machine, stood back in line, just to be given to another agent. OK the voice got louder, I did not want to start all over and asked to have the same agent how told us to go over to the machine and make our payment…..finally after loud demands we got her…..what a joke, said TV would be back on….go home, call Dish again and tell them of the double charges and all will be well…..what a crock of bull. TV is still off and Dish is demanding a payment, we tried to tell them it was paid but they just talk over you like they are reading a script, after some nasty names we hung up……now what? one tries to do the right thing , but no one knows what is going on. Ten agents, ten different stories…..never did we get a bill from Dish, LOL, we were told we didn’t have Dish by Dish but Claro says we do…….now what? who can we complain to that will listen to us??? customer service sucks big time here……

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Yeah, Claro is not known for it’s amazing customer service. In fact their customer service is ABYSMAL (and that’s a compliment). I’m surprised by Dish though, I have never had problems with Dish at all.

      I wish I could help! I actually don’t have cable or Dish anymore. Would you consider canceling? When Liberty Cable pulled one on me like that I just canceled on the spot.

      There’s actually an ongoing investigation for both Liberty and Claro because of the never-ending customer complaints.

  5. New to Puerto Rico….. Please, Please, PLEASE …stay away from Claro. Their customer service is literally the worst in the entire telecomm community. Their internet is reliable …I give you that …but not fast …. most areas are still running on old fashioned cable pairs. If it breaks down you are out for weeks at a time.

    No kiddin.

    To get service started prepare to wait AT LEAST three weeks. Mark my words!

    Sign up with Liberty Cable….. they are not perfect …but they are not Claro.

    Truly …Their slogan “Si tienes claro —lo tienes todo” (If you got Claro – You have it all) is the greatest PR masterpiece since Nazi, Soviet and Fox News propaganda.


    • Jay-Webmaster

      Yikes! That is one loaded comment! :-O

      I personally wouldn’t make such accusations! But each to their own.

      My take on Claro has always been that their customer service is nothing short of abysmal, but the truth is that after the initial setup problems, as in once the internet was installed and working, my need to call customer support has been very few and far between because their internet has been very reliable. Slow, but always consistent regardless of the time of day, unlike when I had cable that the internet went from really fast at 3 AM to dial-up speeds in the evenings.

      Unfortunately it’s a give and take with the internet companies here, you either give up consistent internet speeds and get better customer support or you get a company with terrible support but that you may rarely need.

      Up to you.

  6. Thanks for the useful post. My husband and I are hoping to work online while in Puerto Rico starting in September. Have there been any changes/improvements in the speed and reliability since this article was posted?

    • Jay-Webmaster


      Well if you are looking to signing up with Claro, you may want to read my post explaining why I renewed with Claro Internet.

      As far as reliability, I have actually had the internet go out only once since the summer of 2012 and it was back in a few hours. I personally don’t have issues with their reliability of constant service, I do have an issue with their customer service though.

      Read the blog post I linked to at the top and let me know if you have any other questions! Welcome to Puerto Rico! =)

  7. Thanks for the reviews everyone. I had been using Choice cable for the past year and a half here in Ponce with 20MB. Overall the experiIt has been good. I just moved and thought about looking into Claro but these reviews reminded me of when I had cell phone service with them. What a nightmare.

  8. Thanks to your reviews we have moved our business to Jamaica instead of Puerto Rico. We were going to move to a remote area in PR and employ 37 people there, and our business needs a reliable internet connection. In fear we will not be able to survive in PR we quickly changed our strategy and our plans and found a nice niche with a bearable internet provider (without surprises and some guarantees) in Jamaica.

    Our experiences calling CLARO were that when we called CLARO customer service we selected 2 or 3 for English, but after that they would speak only in Spanish with us, which we do not speak very well, although we would be improving it. We were hung up on and we were told no one will speak with us in English at Claro so we decided that CLARO was WEIRD enough and taking no further chances we took off to Jamaica.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      I’m glad you found a good place for you in Jamaica. If you had problems with Claro in PR, you could have tried Liberty Cable, I’ve heard better reviews from their customer service. The internet is actually very reliable, Claro’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired though, however I rarely have to deal with their customer service. Good luck in Jamaica!

  9. Si hay un rating menos que cero esta compañía lo merece.

    Si piensas cambiar su Campania de Teléfono o Internet in Puerto Rico a CLARO no lo haga es el peor en cubertura servicio.

    Si tienes Claro tiene Nada.

  10. He estado confrontando problemas con mi servicio de claro internet y cuando llamo tiengo que pasar por un laberinto de mensajes automatizados para luego caer en las manos del apoyo tecnico mas inefficiente del mundo radicado en Rep.Dominicana que solo saben decir apague el modem prenda el modem,oprima el boton de encendido y mantengalo oprimido hasta que las luces apaguen,sino inserte un palillo de diente por el orificio que dice reset en la parte trasera del modem hasta que apaguen las luces; Lo mismo tres veces,Esto es el apoyo tecnico no saben pensar mas alla de su poco cerebro y luego cuando ven que sigues con el problema te dicen que tu equipo esta defectuoso asi de frescos son.Cuando me dijeron eso me descargue con ellos y les dije cuan estupidos eran que no podia ser que mi celular,mi tablet,mi laptop y mi desktop todas estuvieran dañadas y que lo que necesitaba era que levantara una querella para que un tecnico verificara todo en mi lado de la linea y me colgo.Se llevaron el apoyo tecnico de Puerto Rico para pagar a vellon y eso tienen servicio de vellon.En otras palabras su servicio no vale nada.

  11. I agreed and believe all you folk, I had internet service with Claro I had to be calling them every time letting them know I had no internet connection, I had to wait from four to five days to get my service back. We need more internet providers with better offers and good customer service. I have choice as my internet provider at the moment, but I won’t recommend them either. But its better then Claro.

  12. ….all I can say is dealing with Claro can make Mother Teresa become an alcoholic! One of the Worst companies for customer service on the island!

  13. Claro internet en puerto rico es una basura, de 7 dias en la semana por lo mesos se caee el internet 7, ahora mismo perdi mi dia de trabajo por culpa de claro. En otras palabras claro internet is trash.

  14. Quite helpful. Thank you.
    Talk about “between a rock and a hard place” ! me too i’m there!

  15. I read your review and have had the same thing happen to me. I’ve been without internet now for 3weeks. It’s a nightmare to call CS and every time I call I get a different exuse.

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