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Gasoline Prices in Puerto Rico

Gasoline_Puerto_RicoIf you reached this page is because you are searching for the gasoline prices in Puerto Rico.

As of this writing, January 15, 2015, the gasoline prices in Puerto Rico are as follows:

Regular unleaded: between 55.7 and 59.7 cents per Liter

Premium unleaded: between 61.7 and 69.7 cents per Liter

Diesel: between 57.7 and 65.7 cents per Liter

To convert the price to gallons, multiply the price by 3.78541, more details below.

For the up-to-date gasoline prices in Puerto Rico click here to access the local consumer affairs website.


Want more details? There are a few things to know about purchasing gasoline in Puerto Rico.

1. Gasoline prices in Puerto Rico are comparable to some places in the USA.

2. Gasoline prices in Puerto Rico are in Liters (not gallons like the USA). So as of this writing, you may see 55.7 cents at the gas station, that’s not 55.7 cents per gallon, it is per Liter. If you would like to convert the price to gallons, just multiply the price you see in Liters times 3.78541. Example, gasoline is 55.7 cents per liter, that is $0.557 x 3.78541 = approx. $2.11 per gallon.

3. VERY FEW gas stations allow you to Pay-At-The-Pump! I know of only 2, one of them is at a military base and the other is in Guaynabo near San Patricio Mall, but avoid it, the price is outrageous at that gas station.

4. Bring CASH to pay if you have it! Although they are not supposed to do this, some gas stations have lower prices for those who pay with cash as opposed to credit card.

5. Pay before pumping gas. With the exception of those stations with pay-at-the-pump, you must go inside and tell the clerk your gas pump number and how much money worth of gas you want to put in. Normally there is no “cash back”, so if you put less than what you paid then you are “SOL”, because only a few stations will refund the remaining money, although if you pay cash this usually is not a problem.

6. Don’t expect the clerk to know English. If you can, learn the numbers in Spanish so that there is less confusion when it is time to pay for gas.

7. Today, January 15 of 2015, the Governor of Puerto Rico signed into law an increase in the crude oil tax. This tax increase known as “La Crudita” (lah croo-dee-tah)¬†will be from $9.25 per barrel to $15.50 per barrel, plus an increase every 4 years to adjust for inflation plus a 2.5%, Yikes! Gasoline prices in Puerto Rico then will likely see a significant jump sometime this spring. Estimates indicate that the Liter of gasoline in Puerto Rico will increase at least 4 cents (or roughly 15 cents per gallon).


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding the gasoline prices in Puerto Rico!

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