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This is Jay! The Admin!
« on: April 12, 2015, 06:41:20 AM »

This is the very first post of the Forum!!! I'm so excited to bring this to everyone!

Use this post to introduce yourself in efforts to build a community!

I will start! My name is Jay, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, I later went to college in the US and graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences with a Physics concentration. Shortly thereafter since I couldn't find a job, I went to school to become a massage therapist, then I worked as a massage therapist full time for 3 years. I then found a job in Puerto Rico and moved back home.

When I moved back I saw things through a different pair of eyes. I noticed the struggles the people face when they move here. I noticed many little (and not so little) idiosyncrasies that Puerto Rico has and I just hadn't noticed. I sensed a lot of negativism from those who moved here from the US for one reason or another. Then I realized that the majority of the problems were due to the fact that most people just didn't know what to expect. They thought beaches, warm weather, beautiful women (guys you know you were thinking that LOL), but most people don't think about what it may take to live here day to day.

So I felt it was my obligation to create some sort or website where I could explain, as best I could, what should people expect when they move here and how to get things done here.

Whether you are trying to find a place to live here, or you are moving because of a job offer, or because you are taking advantage of the new law that allows wealthy investors to not pay capital gain taxes of they live here, was created for you.

I decided to make a forum in efforts to create some sort of community, I got several emails from people to please connect them of X or Y person who commented on the same topic, mainly because they either live nearby or will be facing a similar situation and would like some support.

So please let's make the transition to living in Puerto Rico as easy as possible by helping each other out! Let's create a community we can rely on!

Thank you so much and I hope to meet each and every one of you!

Mi casa es tu casa! =)