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Title: Moving soon...
Post by: irmas on September 24, 2015, 01:50:36 AM
Hello, I am Irma.

My family and I will be moving to Isabela, PR just as soon as we are able to sell our home in NJ.  While it is exciting...with 2 kids 8 and 10, it is also nerve wrecking.  I am from Central America and husband is from PR and thankfully language is not an issue.  However, my Spanish vs. Puerto Rican Spanish has many distinctions!  I love it though :)

We have spent 2 summers in PR (thanks to my school job in the US) and we have had time to look at several private schools (preference for Inter-americana and Froebel). The hardest part of planning this move has been looking for a job.  I have a doctoral degree and am a LCSW and b/c I do not have my social work license in PR - the jobs are very limited.   The pay in PR vs. USA/NJ is dismal but it is offset by the lower cost of living - at least as it compares to NJ.  NJ is a very expensive state to live in.  Any suggestions in terms of jobs?  Also - when the time comes, I would like to set up a private practice.  I have not been able to get much information on how to go about doing this.  Can you offer any starting points? 

Thank you also for this insightful website!

Title: Re: Moving soon...
Post by: NewToPuertoRico on November 02, 2015, 04:39:03 PM
Hola Irma!!!!

I know a move can be nerve-wrecking!!!

As far as jobs though, honestly, in my opinion, you should go with starting a private practice. If I were you, I would sacrifice a few months and live very frugally, call places where you would do something related to your field and offer to volunteer! Get your proper license and then start you own practice. 

A simple Google search pointed me to several "help wanted" ads for social workers (although most of them were in the Sanjuan or Guaynabo areas), maybe you can call those or other places near Isabela and volunteer while you get your license locally.

Would that be too difficult you think?