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Title: No turning back now!
Post by: deftnerd on July 06, 2015, 12:00:30 AM
I'm a web developer and serial creator of startups. My wife and our three young kids (6, 3, 1) and I are moving there in less than a month and are going to live as frugally as possible while I build some more internet startups that make passive income.

I keep on second-guessing our decision to move to PR because of all the negative news, but we've committed and bought the tickets. I fly there in 3 weeks and I'll buy a minivan right away and drive to Utuado to find a place to live and furnish it. A week later, my wife and kids will arrive.

We're scared. This is our first big move away from our hometown (Austin, TX) so we picked a place where it's harder to change our mind and just move back so we'll be forced to adapt to the cultural changes. We're not wealthy, but we should be coming with about 15k and I bring in anywhere from 2k to 4k a month depending on if I rely on my passive income or do some contract work on the side.

We're happy with the low rental prices and being able to order many things off of Amazon, but we're nervous by the high electrical and prices for staple goods like food.

Anyone have a general breakdown of your cost of living with 2 or 3 kids in terms of how much you spend on rent, food, clothing, power, internet, phone, gas, etc? A snapshot of those numbers would be very revealing!
Title: Re: No turning back now!
Post by: danielj on July 18, 2015, 02:45:07 AM
Did you make your move yet?? I'm about the same place. I just got into Isabela (Northwest of Utuado). I've been here a few days. I've heard some people say the price of food here is high, and I see it a little. Honestly, I don't think its much off from prices I saw in Oklahoma. I was pleased to night when I bought cups of yogurt on sale for fifty cents each. Normal price was like 89 cents. I was at Econo grocery store, and found eggs $2.50/ dozen.

Do you have a place to live yet? I've seen lots of rentals that include lights and water. Also I learned that rent price can be highly negotiable. The woman who was showing me houses came down on the rent from $900 to $600, after I told her I was looking in the $600 range. I've also seen a lot of places that rent month to month.
Title: Re: No turning back now!
Post by: NewToPuertoRico on July 19, 2015, 12:33:19 AM
Hello Deftnerd!

So glad you decided to make this big lifestyle change! Utuado is very calm and relaxed!

I have some numbers I can give you but it will be different for you because of your location. You see the numbers I have are more representative of a family that lives in the San Juan Metro, differences being that traffic is horrendous, places like stores are very close and it is much much warmer than Utuado.

Electricity ~ $350 (might be cheaper for you because you won't be having to run the A/C at night since Utuado is quite cool, a nice ceiling fan with your windows open should do).

Internet ~$60 depending on the speed and company.

Food, Whatever you spend now, multiply it by 1.33. The big killers are really milk and cereal. I personally do not drink milk anymore, $6 for a "Gallon" (120 ounces as opposed to a real 128 ounce gallon) was too much, plus my doctor told me I'm not a baby cow to be drinking cow's milk. But if you are a milk-drinking family, you will be spending quite a lot on milk.

Phone, cheaper if you bundle with internet. Check  Claro and the cable company up there, I know you can get decent internet speeds and phone for about $70 with Claro, but the cable company should have faster internet than Claro does.

Gas? For the car? We rarely use gas for the house, although it can be done, most of the houses are fully electric. But with one car you can expect a full tank of gas every 7 to 10 days depending on how often you make it down the mountains of Utuado. I have an old Toyota Camry and I have to fill my gas tank once every 2 weeks, again, I live in the metro with no mountains but with horrendous traffic. Currently the gas prices here are about $2.81 per gallon.

Hope thins helps!