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Title: Countdown to move , but my feet are getting cool
Post by: Steve M on June 23, 2015, 03:32:11 PM
Hi all just wanted to introduce. I am about 8 months away from moving to Rincon-(west coast).
I have a small house there which I love to visit, but now it looks like we may give it a shot FULL time.
My wife (who speaks spanish and is originally from PR) and I want to get out of NY, simplify our lives. We are in our forties no kids. I am maxed out on my stress level yet have fears of some things I keep reading IE: Crime, Healthcare, NEW and More evil mosquito viruses!!

I realize there are trade offs , I guess I just want some reassurances from any expats that you CAN get past the above mentioned and the obvious cultural differences over time. PS I do not speak Spanish but am willing to really try to learn!!

Steve M :-\
Title: Re: Countdown to move , but my feet are getting cool
Post by: NewToPuertoRico on June 27, 2015, 12:34:57 PM
Hello Steve!

Well, the truth is that I'm not going to try and convince you either way, I'll tell it like it is and I urge people to make the best decision possible based on the information. What I will tell you though is that I moved to PR being well aware of how it was and I have absolutely no regrets and really no desire to move back to the US. But that's just me. I like being outside, I like the beaches and warm weather year round. When I lived in the states I kept dreaming of being in the tropics and in warm weather, I don't have to dream anymore.

So let me address your concerns.

Crime. Yes there is crime, and lots of it. Good news is that the murder rate has gone down dramatically in the past few years! Plus, the majority of the violent crimes are towards those individuals who are involved in that "world". So if you don't have any enemies, it is unlikely for you to be a victim of violent crime. The other types of crime such as stealing property is most often "blind" crime, meaning that it would most likely happen when you are not around. Having said that, there are occasions when people get mugged, car jacked, etc. But truthfully, it is like anywhere else. I really don't even think about it and I've never had a problem.

Healthcare? What's the problem there? Healthcare is precisely one of the things keeping me in PR! Healthcare for me in the states was a nightmare! I really have very few bad things to say about the healthcare in PR! Just to put things into perspective, I have my primary physician's, pediatrician's, and even the Vet's personal cell phone number! I have called them on weekends, after hours and in between! Never a problem! I have never met so many doctors that actually care! The goal of my primary physician was always to take me off the meds or make sure I don't need them with a healthy lifestyle! Unlike the US when I lived there, my doctor up there was just happy to prescribe meds like it was candy! Nope not again, I like it here better. In fact, I was talking to an orthopedic surgeon not too long ago and I asked about the best sources of calcium for the bones, he was quickly to point out that dairy products are actually bad for bones in the long run! He's a doc at the university hospital and he pointed out lots of research being done that shows that the higher the dairy intake over time the higher rate of osteoporosis later in life! I went online and did my research and sure enough! Overwhelming evidence to support the claim! Lots of respect for that guy now. So I don't know what you heard about the healthcare but I really do not have a single problem with it here.

Mosquito viruses. Well, yes. Have you read my posts on Chikungunya and Dengue? I've had both, they are not fun. But I suppose it's like risk of Lymes disease or West Nile virus in the states. It's something that may happen. We're all alive here, doctors are very aware of the disease and know how to treat effectively. It's a concern but not really that big of a deal.

One thing to note, you will likely only read horror stories online. It's like the news, it what gets people to tune in. Also, it is what people remember if they are writing about an experience. It's like the weather guy, statistics show that meteorologists are right on the money 6 out of 7 times with 1 out of 7 with a miss on one aspect of the forecast, and with a less than 1% rate of completely missing the forecast. HOWEVER, those rare blown forecasts are what people remember and make jokes about!

I'll be honest with you, every time I come back to PR from a visit to the states I see how much people do not appreciate PR. A lot of people here do not even have a clue at how good they have it.

Life here is different, and if you expect it to be the same as in the US you're in for a rude awakening. But, I personally like the relaxed laid back lifestyle with plenty of beaches to go to any time of the year. There are trade offs, but it's not even an issue for me, it may be for others, but not for me, and the more I go out and explore everything PR has to offer, the more I fall in love with it.

Hope this helps!
Title: Re: Countdown to move , but my feet are getting cool
Post by: ArizonaGuy on July 08, 2016, 03:53:57 PM
How did your move to Rincon go? We're looking at that area. Thanks
Title: Re: Countdown to move , but my feet are getting cool
Post by: John on November 03, 2016, 01:51:38 AM
Hello I am moving to PR in December and will be living in the Vega Baja area! I have visited multiple times and am really looking forward to this new stage in life!