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FedEx in Puerto Rico

Federal Express a.k.a. FedEx is one of the parcel delivery services available in Puerto Rico. Unlike USPS, FedEx considers Puerto Rico as an international destination when delivering some (but not all) parcels between the US and Puerto Rico. In order to properly deliver the parcel, make sure you write the Puerto Rico address in the following format:


Address Line 1 (Urbanization)

Address Line 2 (Number of the house and street name)

City, State, Zip Code

Click here to find FedEx locations in Puerto Rico. Important: Search based on Zip Code! The City/State search doesn’t work well when you search for a city in Puerto Rico.

Hint: ALWAYS write your phone number in the shipping label if possible, I recently ordered a few things online and the company did not write both address lines, leaving the urbanization name out. Because they don’t know where to deliver without the urbanization name, they called me and I told them the urbanization name, the next day FedEx delivered. So even if you write the full address when you order something, sometimes the store’s “system” only uses one address line by default, making delivery to Puerto Rico difficult or at times impossible, so write your number if you can so they can contact you if something is wrong.

In Puerto Rico, FedEx generally delivers on Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, though they do have Saturday service for an additional fee. If you pay for the International Economy service, you will likely receive your package in the afternoon, I’ve only received packages in the morning when it is sent using International Priority. Also, since FedEx considers Puerto Rico as international, there is no FedEx Ground service (UPS however now offers Ground service and prices), this means that if you want to ship a parcel between  Puerto Rico and the US, you have to fill out a piece of paper specifying the contents and the estimated value.

Make sure you fill this paper out! During the 2004 Holiday season, I still lived in the US, and I mailed a box with all of the gifts for the children of a friend of mine, only to have the box returned to my house because they couldn’t ship it to Puerto Rico! I had to take the box again to the FedEx office and fill out that piece of paper. This, mind you, was 3 days after I had originally sent it to the FedEx offices, it was already supposed to be in Puerto Rico! When I got to their offices, I saw a lady that went through the same thing as I did, except that she was mailing emergency medications. Well, after all was done, the gifts arrived in Puerto Rico on December 27th, it was supposed to arrive on the 23rd,  a bit late for Santa, there were some sad kids, and I was mad as I tried to get a refund for the money spent and they gave me the runaround, literally they kept transferring me from person to person and then the call would drop, and I called numerous times.

Having said that, FedEx in Puerto Rico is well aware of all the paperwork necessary in order to ship from Puerto Rico. I use their services frequently and they have always delivered as promised.

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