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Emergency Services in Puerto Rico

Emergency Response Center in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

 Emergency Response Center in Guaynabo,              Puerto Rico

This page is dedicated to information regarding how the emergency services in Puerto Rico work.

Read on, some important information is mentioned here.

The emergency services in Puerto Rico are similar to the US, where you would dial 9-1-1 and you would get someone to help you with your emergency.


Make sure you know at least SOME Spanish when you call 9-1-1! I have had to call a few times and they have NEVER spoken ANY English!

*Another thing to note here, in occasions I have seen really bad car accidents happen. I have called 9-1-1 using my cellphone and they have never answered, when I call using my home phone they answer immediately. I am not sure if they don’t answer my cellphone because it doesn’t have a local area code, but it has happened twice already.

Depending on where you live and the time of day, the time of arrival of the emergency help will vary. I don’t want to say that they will always be late, but they are not known for being very fast. In fact, there is a home security company called FrontPoint Security that no longer offers service in Puerto Rico.

I called and asked FrontPoint why is it that they don’t have service in Puerto Rico, and they told me that they will sell us the equipment but I will only be able to do “self-monitoring” of the house. They continued on saying that they pride themselves in offering quick response service and they will stay with you for as long as is needed during an emergency, and the emergency response in Puerto Rico was exceeding 20 to 40 minutes, while elsewhere the average is around 5 minutes.

So in conclusion:

1. Make sure you know SOME Spanish because chances are that you will have someone in the other end that does not speak English.

2. If you have a local phone available, use that first to call 9-1-1, as I have never been able to reach them with my cellphone which has a US area code.

3. Unfortunately, ask if possible for dispatch to stay with you on the phone until the emergency help arrives, as it may take some time before they get to your location.

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  1. Are packages being delivered? I want to send items to family but not sure if effects of storm will prevent.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Things are backed up! It will get delivered eventually but delays are long! Right now they are not delivering, just open for pickup.

  2. I’m not sure what your saying is accurate as most people in Puerto Rico are bilingual. You can ask for an interpreter when you call 911

    • Jay-Webmaster

      It hasn’t been available every time I have called in the past, what I say is 100% true. I’m sure there are bilingual people there, I just haven’t been lucky enough to have one when I call.

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