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Claro Cell Phone Service in Puerto Rico

Claro cell phone service in Puerto Rico is one of the most popular with very complicated plants, so complicated in fact that I don’t even think their own representatives know what it has to and how it works. I went to a local Claro store one time and I asked them if I could pay online, they told me I couldn’t and the only way to pay was at the store. Well, I went online and I saw that there is such a place to pay online, so I don’t really know what’s going on there but that truly shows how little they know about the services they provide.

If you’re considering Claro cell phone service in Puerto Rico, and you don’t know any Spanish, then you’re going to have a hard time doing anything with them. This is because most of their representatives actually don’t know English and good luck trying to find an English version of the website, I have searched and searched and found nothing, the only thing that is actually in English is to pay, well sort of, is more of a Spanglish, which most people understand spotted yet actually have no clue about any word in Spanish then you’re going to have a hard time even to pay your bill.

Like I said, Claro cell phone service in Puerto Rico has very complicated plans, they have a voice plan and then they have a data plan, and then they have different amounts of data you can use, but then you can only use them in Puerto Rico and not in the states, or you can call to a Puerto Rico number for free or a US number for free but not both, and if you talk to customer service (which is very hard to get through) you will find that you have to talk to one person for voice plants, and then another person for the data questions, and then another person for calling “long distance (calls to the US)” because that’s another plan altogether. So I guess it is actually very customizable but a lot can be lost in the details.

When it comes to signal they claim that they cover over 97% of the island, which is probably true, but when you look at the coverage maps you quickly see that they have a mixture of signals. That is, that they have CDMA signal and GSM signal so the signal strength will depend on whether you have a GSM phone for a CDMA phone, they seem to be expanding and upgrading their GSM signal and their newer phones are actually GSM capable which is better for indoor usage. On top of that, Claro customers have access to different Internet hotspots across the island which means that you would necessarily be using your data plan because you could be using their free Wi-Fi, that is another phone number to call in another department to get it set up by the way, but it is available and they have maps that show where the hotspots are.

Claro’s data plan is not unlimited, and they’re very clear about it, they have a range of options that go from as little as 250 MB to as much as 12 GB of data per month. They also are expanding their 4G coverage which is actually pretty fast, but I have not heard on 4G LTE coverage yet.

They also get very nice phones, in fact they are the only ones in Puerto Rico that have the new Samsung Galaxy III with the quad core processor, as opposed to just a dual core processor which is what the other companies have. There are also the only ones (along with AT&T) that have the Galaxy Note phone. And better yet, they actually got those phones before anybody else, while the other companies were in backorder or delayed, Claro had the phones available as scheduled, as advertised, and flat out just before anybody else, not sure how they do it but they do, often.

So to summarize Claro’s cell phone service in Puerto Rico, they are probably the company with the most coverage and stores. They seem to prefer the GSM signal and are expanding, they do have 4G and very customizable plans albeit complicated. It doesn’t help that customer service is awful and it seems as though they don’t really know what they are offering, which is the biggest complaint from my friends that use Claro’s cell phone service in Puerto Rico, but I have also heard that when it works, it works well.

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  1. I think I may have figured it out. It was giving an error message with the SIM card, so I took it out and reinserted and it’s working.

  2. I have a Samsung galaxy grand neo plus and its with Claro amdthr signal is garbage and inside my housr even worst.When your inside your house you need to have Wi-Fi cuz your signal will be only for calls.The current owner of Claro Puerto Rico is a multi billionaire and with all that money he cant better the bad signal the only good company here is AT&T you will get signal even at El Yunque Rain Forest thats how good it is.I used to hace Open Mobile and it was worst…so i switched here thinking that is was gonna be better but its the same.I have this phone cuz it was a gift and the phones great but signal is horrible.I guess u have experience.If you have any tips of how to get better signal it would be great.

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Sorry John,

      Claro cell phone signal is not the best at all. I really have no tips other than complain and/or switch back to AT&T =(

  3. I just wanted to know if I can get a cellphone de gratis how much would the line be what kind of phones u have a avalible how much everything would come out to be

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Oh you got me there! That’s something that you will have to talk to them directly. They do have stores or kiosks in just about every mall.

  4. I need to know how to transfer house call my cellphone

    • Jay-Webmaster

      Hello Noemi, I think you should contact your telephone provider for instructions on that. I know of people who do that, so it can be done.

    • Use call forwarding if you have it on your home line. If you don’t know the code call you phone company and they should be able to walk you through it.

  5. Hello,

    I have a question. I am livin on St. Maarten and i need 3 Claro prepaid SIM cards. How and where can i order them and how do i get them to St Maarten?

    I checked out the Claro website and i can’t order them on the internet…

    I hope to hear of you soon.

    Kind Regards,


  6. Claro is by far the worst service provider I’ve ever encountered. In fact service and Claro cannot be used in the same web site. That being said, you get what you pay for, you want cheap service, well Claro is for you. However outages are going to be part of your existence. Have a back up. That being said they are usually quite good at giving refunds, and there personnel are for the most part competent and friendly.
    Before you buy a home make certain that telephone and DSL service is available. In some areas only 1 provider is available and depending on the distance, DSL may not be available.

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